Manage Your Business Mail

Use PO Boxes, Mail Pickup, and Forwarding Services

Whatever your business mail needs, USPS ® has a service that fits. Our cost-effective and convenient services make it easy to manage any business mail volume so you can focus on growing your business.

PO Boxes for Business

Need a more secure, convenient place to collect mail? Take advantage of the privacy, efficiency, and accessibility of reserving a PO Box™ online.

Why to Reserve a PO Box

  • Your mail won't fit in your current mailbox.
  • You don't want packages sitting at your door.
  • You want to keep important documents confidential.
  • You want to get mail at your convenience.
PO Boxes Online

Business Mail Pickup

Receive too much mail for a PO Box? Reserve a timeslot to pick up mail at your Post Office facility.

Why to Get Mail Pickup

  • You get more mail than fits in the largest PO Box.
  • You're waiting for a PO Box to become available.
  • Picking up mail multiple times would improve business processes.
  • Your business is growing and considering a move.

Get Started

  1. Complete the "Application for Post Office Caller Service" section on PS Form 1093-C (PDF | 149KB) .
  2. Take your completed form to any Post Office facility that provides window service and bring TWO forms of acceptable US identification (ID). Your primary ID must have a clear photo, and the secondary ID needs to confirm your physical address. See Acceptable IDs & Restrictions
  3. Choose either a 6-month or 1-year service period.
  4. Pay the fee at the Post Office where your Caller Service will be located using credit/debit card (or accepted EMV cards), cash, check, or money order made payable to "Postmaster".
  5. Pick up business mail at your convenience.

Premium Forwarding Service Commercial

Premium Forwarding Service Commercial ® allows business customers with an active PO Box or street address to temporarily forward all mail to their domestic business address using Priority Mail Express ® or Priority Mail ® .


  • Mail forwarded daily (Monday–Saturday), weekly, or monthly
  • Next-day scheduled delivery via Priority Mail Express
  • Priority Mail service includes tracking and delivery in 1–3 business days
  • Packages up to 70 lbs or sacks depending on volume
  • Delivery email notifications and USPS Tracking ® numbers for each shipment
  • Online forwarding requests and payments via Business Customer Gateway


Commercial Enrollment Fee Reshipment Charge
$23.40 Based on postage class and requested reshipment frequency

Get Started

To register, you will need a USPS Business Customer Gateway account , a PostalOne! permit, a USPS Enterprise Payment System (EPS) account, an Electronic Verification System (eVS ® ) account, and a valid business address. Simply pay the annual enrollment fee and complete the online application.

Register Now

Increase Your Own Mail Productivity

Postage Options

Postage meters and computer postage software print postage directly onto your envelope. Both are a convenient way to pay for and track your postage costs. Precanceled stamps give bulk mailings the look of First-Class Mail ® . USPS Picture Permit ® indicia (PPI) lets you individualize postage with your logo or image.

Package Intercept

If your package has not been delivered or released for delivery, use USPS Package Intercept ® to redirect it to the original sender’s address or to a Post Office as a Hold For Pickup. If you have a USPS Enterprise Payment System (EPS) account, register on Business Customer Gateway to make your request.

Reply Mail

Including preaddressed, postage-paid return envelopes or postcards in your customer bills, invoices, and account statements provides for timely and secure responses. USPS offers retailers, businesses, financial institutions, and credit card companies several Business Reply Mail ® and metered reply mail options.