Shipping & Mailing Solutions for Small to Large Businesses

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  • Shipping: From the smallest businesses to the largest, USPS can support your shipping needs.
  • Advertising With Direct Mail: Learn how to create and improve direct mail campaigns to win customers.
  • More Resources: Get more ways to improve customer service, streamline shipping, and lower costs.

Shipping Services

Woman packing Priority Mail box before applying the USPS shipping label.

Click-N-Ship ® Online Shipping

If you ship 1 to 10 packages per month, sign up for a free ® account to pay for postage and print shipping labels online. With the USPS Loyalty Program , earn credits for using Click-N-Ship to purchase Priority Mail ® and Priority Mail Express ® labels.

Small business shippers discussing orders on a desktop monitor.

Click-N-Ship Business Pro

Shipping more than 10 packages at a time? Register as a USPS business customer (free) and use our downloadable desktop software (also free) to take advantage of time-saving features.

Business shippers reviewing desktop shipping analytics.

Business Customer Gateway

Manage large volume mailing and shipping in the central USPS business hub. Get connected to digital tools, reports, promotions, and other services.

Advertise with Mail

Every Door Direct Mail ®

Plan a direct mailing online, bring your mailpieces to a Post Office , and then we’ll deliver them along your selected routes.

Vendors & Resources

Get help from a printer or mail service provider to format your direct mailpiece according to specifications and send it off.

Available Formats

Find out about available direct mail formats and their benefits, from postcards to brochures, letters to flyers, and more.

More on Advertising

Other Business Services

Free Shipping Supplies

Find free supplies to ship your customer orders domestically and internationally. Get Flat Rate products, shipping labels, and more.

Postage Rates

See starting retail and commercial prices for bulk mail as well as shipping domestic and international packages.

Postage Options

Pay for postage and print your own shipping labels, use online vendors, lease meters, or print with a permit imprint.

Customer Returns

Facilitate quick, easy, and hassle-free returns for you and your customers with flexible USPS Returns ® services.

Taking Your Business Global

Use USPS Global Shipping Software to easily pay for postage and create mailing labels, customs forms, postage statements, and manifests.

Managing Business Mail

Consolidate and forward mail, redirect packages in transit, schedule pickups, or arrange for reply mail with USPS cost-effective and convenient business mail services.

Schedule a Pickup

Save time with package pickups. Request a free pickup during regular mail delivery or pay a fee for pickup at a specific time.

Secure Deliveries with USPS

Protect customer packages with insurance and extra services such as Certified Mail ® or Return Receipt.

Bulk Mail Discount

Learn about commercial mail classes, prices, and preparation to make the right choice for your business or organization.


Developer Resources

Use USPS Web Tools ® APIs for e-commerce and shipping to calculate prices, verify addresses, track packages, print shipping labels, and check delivery dates.

Marketing Resources

USPS Delivers : See advice, case studies, and how-to articles for improving your shipping and marketing practices to grow your business.

Large Mailer Resources

PostalPro : Search for and access hundreds of how-to documents, fact sheets, user guides, and the latest updates in processing and delivery.